I Speak For the Trees

Patrick’s birthday loot (back in early September, and yes I meant to post about P turning 2…) included the Lorax movie and he has been obsessed with it ever since. OBSESSED.

He’ll even finish your sentences for you

if you say, “my name is…”

P smiles and says, “the Lorax!”

“I speak for…”

“The TREES!”

So, he was delighted when his Lorax costume arrived.

This is how we imagined he would look:

This is how real life turned out:

{I can’t really blame him for not wanting to wear the mustache–it was itchy!}

Most people thought he was a Pumpkin, which works for me. If I saw him at a pumpkin patch, I’d take him home for sure!

Happy Halloween!

Stig it to the Man

This year Halloween brought us a Steve Jobs and the Stig

and someone scary who was too busy collecting black turtle necks, etc. to find something better than this wig (but really, is there anything better than this wig?)

Our awesome neighbors were out and about. Patrick loves to play with Mia and Ruby. Mia is fun to chase and Ruby usually has toys that he likes to “borrow” from her. Sharing is one of his talents, as long as it’s other people sharing with him.

Sometimes when you are visiting friends on Halloween, you just need to take a break to play with rocks. (Especially if Daddy is talking about Football–then you might as well make yourself comfortable.)

Seriously, though, playing with rocks was probably Patrick’s favorite part of the evening. The next best part was trying to lock/unlock the door when we got home.

We love our little Stig!

More Showering ☂

I work with seriously great people at ASU! Pedro will have a few adopted aunts to entertain once he’s here. In the meantime, they made use of Braden and I for entertainment with some hi-larious games/activities at a baby shower they threw for us last week.

Braden was able to get away from work for a couple of hours to join us on campus. As soon as he arrived, they had him put a balloon up his shirt…

Braden found some good uses for  his balloon baby:

Other  times, the belly seemed to impede him a bit…I wonder what that’s like? Must be so frustrating not to be able to reach things, etc…

At the end of the shower, Braden ‘gave birth’ to his balloon by popping it–inside was the answer to one of the door prize questions: “What was Braden’s birthweight?” The answer is 7 lbs. even. It is sort of looking like Pedro will surpass his father in that department–the little guy was already 4lbs. 9oz. last Friday! He could be over 5 lbs. by now with about 6-7 weeks left to go!

Besides fun parties, things have been going well otherwise, too. Pedro has passed each Biophysical Profile (BPP) and seems to be doing really well in spite of his heart issues. They have even scaled back and are only having me come in once a week, instead of twice. For BPP’s  they check 4 different criteria to see how he is doing overall: 1. Fetal Movement, 2. Fetal Breathing (aka oxygen flow to all the important parts), 3. Quantity of Amniotic Fluid, and 4. Fetal Heart Rate. If it were a graded test, and not just pass/fail, I wonder if they’d give him an A+ for movement. This kid rarely holds still!

Tiny Human Shower

Tara, Lanie and Jessica rock at shower-throwing. I was amazed by their skills and creativity in bringing  my  random theme request (Angels baseball and ROBOTS) together. They created some super cute decor, etc. because for some reason the theme combination is difficult to find otherwise…who would’ve thought?

Here are a few highlights:

Incredible diaper cake that Lanie built. Covered with baseball and robot accessories and topped with a onesie bouquet (also assembled by Lanie herself).

Each layer of the diaper cake contained itty-bitty onesies, bibs, lil' socks, etc.

Adorable and seriously delicious chocolate layer cake (with ganache!) done by Tara and her sister, Leighan Jacobson. Leighan is going into culinary arts, and clearly she'll be amazing at it. I have her contact info. if anyone wants to hire her.

We played a few fun games, ate, and talked. It felt good to do something normal and just be excited. Thanks ladies for all of your extraordinary work and thank you to everyone who attended and/or sent their love. We are overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and thoughfulness!