18 Months

Today Patrick is 18 months old! We are excited for him to have his first official day in the children’s class at church tomorrow (he’s been visiting the class for a month with mom or dad, but tomorrow he gets to go all by himself).

Patrick is all toddler, and all boy. He is opinionated but sweet, affectionate but independent, curious but particular, and oh-so-happy but with a hulk-like temper.

We have a lot of fun watching him learn, and hearing his growing vocabulary. We definitely have to watch what we say really closely now that he likes to parrot back random words and phrases. As it is, you can already tell who he hangs out with the most (his daddy), because some of his favorite words (besides “car”) are: “bassball” (baseball), “buball” (football), “tar” (guitar), and “ipad”. To be fair, though, his daddy also taught him “Isis” (Jesus).

My favorite of his phrases will probably always be “I wuvv wuvv” (I love you).

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