Stig it to the Man

This year Halloween brought us a Steve Jobs and the Stig

and someone scary who was too busy collecting black turtle necks, etc. to find something better than this wig (but really, is there anything better than this wig?)

Our awesome neighbors were out and about. Patrick loves to play with Mia and Ruby. Mia is fun to chase and Ruby usually has toys that he likes to “borrow” from her. Sharing is one of his talents, as long as it’s other people sharing with him.

Sometimes when you are visiting friends on Halloween, you just need to take a break to play with rocks. (Especially if Daddy is talking about Football–then you might as well make yourself comfortable.)

Seriously, though, playing with rocks was probably Patrick’s favorite part of the evening. The next best part was trying to lock/unlock the door when we got home.

We love our little Stig!

3 thoughts on “Stig it to the Man

  1. Some say he donates his luxuriously curly hair to Taylor Swift’s hair extensions, and that he has a whole room full of black shoes. All we know is, he’s called the Stig.

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