jakey’s blankies

When Patrick was born he received a “jakey’s blanky” at the PCTICU and it has become his best friend. He LOVES to rub it on his face to fall asleep, hold it, eat it, and stay warm in it during all of his many doctor’s visits and a few hospital stays. When he is separated from the blanket for laundering purposes, he gets SO excited upon reuniting with it.

Here is a link to the jakey’s blankies story (click on Jake’s photo below)–Jake is another heart baby who was treated at St. Joseph’s. His family does a fundraiser that starts on his birthday each year and goes for the 19 days that he lived.


This iPod photo doesn't do it justice--but here is Patrick with his jakey's blanky in ped's pre-op on Jan. 6th (he didn't actually have surgery that day due to his head cold).

One thought on “jakey’s blankies

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m so glad he loves his blankie!! I may be coming up to the heart unit in a week or two to deliver more blankets! I will try to contact you to come visit, if that is ok! Hopefully you won’t be there, still! 🙂

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