Upcoming Cardiac Catheterization

Patrick has been scheduled for cardiac catheterization on December 8th at 9:30am. We will check him in at 7:30am that morning and he’ll be kept overnight after the procedure (probably discharged by lunchtime on the 9th). Before the procedure they will give him a full check-up to clear him for the catheter. Patrick will go under general anesthesia for this event–which sounds better to me than trying to keep him calm and still. Here is a little description of the procedure:

I was relieved to learn that Patrick won’t be required to fast for an inordinate amount of time or anything. However, he is not to have any breastmilk/formula after 3am on the 8th, but can continue drinking Pedialyte, water, or diluted apple juice between 3am-5:30am. Past 5:30 he is not to eat or drink until he wakes up following catheterization.
After this they will talk to us about when surgery will happen and what they plan to do based on what they see in his messed-up little heart. If there are things that you think we should ask beforehand about the heart catheter, or about the surgery in general, let us know.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Cardiac Catheterization

  1. Good luck, Patrick! I hope everything checks out that needs to. What a fun picture! I’m imagining how you stood over him to get the appropriate angle/field of view, and you make me smile.

  2. hope everything goes smoothly on wednesday. well keep your sweet family in our prayers. good luck keeping the little guy satiated with his mini fast. LOVE the name picture with patrick as a t. how many shots did that take? i love it! and am amazed at his mad skills to form the letter “t.”

  3. What a great picture!! If he needs a nametag on his bed again, you should use it! 🙂 You are in our prayers. There are special angels assigned to us during hard times and I pray that you will feel their comfort. Love you!!!

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