A Fixed Valve for Christmas

The cardiologists and surgeon reviewed Patrick’s case this morning and have determined that he needs to have surgery sometime between now and Christmas. They will work on his tricuspid valve to help it be more effective (less leaky) and also direct some of the bloodflow straight to the lungs, so that it will skip the right side of his heart entirely. We don’t have a date yet, but obviously we should have details soon.

Next week, or maybe the week after, Patrick will stay in the hospital overnight to have a cardiac catheter done. As I understand it, the catheter will allow them to look around in his heart, take measurements, check out the guilty valve, and also see what electrical pathways will need to be corrected to avoid arrhythmias in the future. After the surgeon has reviewed the findings, we’ll sit down with him to get a better idea of the procedure(s) that will be done.

So far, Patrick has still been free of any outward signs of crisis. He is eating well and is usually a happy little guy. Such a fun kid!

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