Reality Check

We have been getting so excited for Pedro to arrive, and our preparations and anticipation distract us from worrying too much. Afterall, we really won’t know what will be needed until shortly after he is born. So, we are optimistic. Sometimes being optimistic makes it somewhat bitter to swallow any news other than “things look the same” or “he’s doing fine”. We find ourselves secretly hoping that one of these days the doctors will pronounce Pedro’s heart miraculously healed or something.  I know, I know, in denial much?

We made a visit to St. Joe’s this morning for a fetal echo and consult with Dr. Diab. As before, they could see that Pedro’s tricuspid valve is leaking significantly and that his heart is enlarged. Dr. Diab indicated that Pedro’s heart fills (or will soon fill) the majority of his chest cavity. Dr. Diab suspects that Pedro will need immediate surgery to put a shunt in, but it will all depend on how things function once he’s born. Apparently one of the benefits of the shunt would be that his heart would rapidly shrink down and be a closer-to-normal size. I believe the main purpose of the shunt, though, would be to make sure that enough blood can get to the lungs.

On Friday we will meet with the surgeon, Dr. Nigro, again, so we’ll have a chance to learn more about what would be entailed in the shunt procedure.

4 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. I hope this baby boy has a good sense of humor–he’s certainly going to need it to deal with all of the adults waiting around to poke and prod. That said, I am so glad they are all smart and experienced pokers and prodders. I love that you get to know so much prenatally!

  2. That is a bitter pill to swallow, I hope the surgeon tells you good things tomorrow. I can’t imagine how you feel. I want Pedro to hurry up and get here already so we can see him, but at the same time I want him to stay safely snug where he is.

    We should get Noble a Vote for Pedro onesie. We’re all voting for Pedro. Go Robins!

  3. It sure is a roller coaster ride isn’t it? Just know you will make it through this and everything will be okay. I remember that at times it didn’t seem like we could handle any more. If you guys need anything, we are nearby and know the drive to St. Joseph’s by heart! Also, it helped when Dr. Nigro told us they do this all the time, it is their job, but it is normal for parents to freak out at times. That is our job! Good luck!

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