Where’s the Beef?

They did a growth check at my last doctor’s appointment (Thursday, 8/5) and calculated Pedro’s weight at 5lbs. 9oz.! Based on my reading, baby’s generally gain up to an ounce a day from here on out, fattening up for their arrival. Pedro shouldn’t grow much longer, just beef up a bit. If he is gaining an ounce a day (and if the calculation is accurate), then he already weighs more than I did when I was born! {I was 5lbs. 11 oz.}

We are definitely excited that Pedro is doing well overall and getting fat & happy. It was amazing to watch on the ultrasound as Pedro practiced breathing–they turned on the colors that show the direction of fluid movement and I could see sporadic clouds of color around Pedro’s mouth. No wonder he gets the hiccups all the time!


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. He’s getting ready for his eviction notice! You’re probably starting to notice how large he has gotten, too! I don’t know how you deal with living in the AZ heat. In fact, I’m struggling to cope with the Salt Lake heat today! I’m so excited that Pedro is growing so well–I hope he gets to finish right where he is! Have you had any grand ideas of what kind of support would feel best to you in the coming weeks?

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