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I signed up to be part of a Yahoo group for the Eller Heart Family Council and it is fun to be part of the community through the notifications/messages that members send out. This morning a “heartmom” sent a message about how she wished that she had known that heart babies can’t really wear zip-up footed pj’s.

I would never have thought of it, but because Pedro will need to have the pulse-ox monitor attached to his foot while he  sleeps, it just won’t work to have footed pj’s that zip up. Now I know not to buy them, and I can still exchange any we DO have for other kinds of sleepers since I haven’t washed any of the clothes yet. (I am pretty excited for that task, though…washing all of the little clothes and putting them away. He’ll be here soon!)

Anyway, I wrote to her (Melodie is her name) to find out about a parent’s guide that she mentioned in her note. She has written up Frequently-Asked-Questions sort of guide with tips and info like the pj’s advice.

If you are interested, you can look at it as well. I found lots of answers to things I’ve wondered about:

What To Expect Heart Parents

I am a little bummed about a certain set of pj’s we have that I’m not sure we can use afterall, but I’m sure Pedro can make up for the lost experience by wearing some as an adult, like his Uncle Jonathan…


2 thoughts on “Parent’s Guide

  1. Lots of great tips in that info! Thanks for sharing! Now I’m trying to figure out if/when I want to come to AZ. Obviously, I would be coming to hang out with you–not to add more germs to Pedro’s environment!

  2. haHAha! Jonathan is famous now! I loved reading your FAQ document. You would think the hospital could find a quieter Zamboni.

    I am excited for you to wash Pedro’s little clothes, too! How is the nursery coming?

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